Walkadoo is a customizable
social walking experience!

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It’s for everyone.

Walkadoo is the free walking product that everybody can enjoy! Here’s how it works: Every morning, you receive a step goal via email or SMS (no smartphone needed). The number of steps changes every day, so each goal is new, different, and always manageable. You wear a pedometer to count your steps, and they’re wirelessly sent to the Walkadoo website, where you track your progress and connect with others on their own Walkadoo journey.

It’s social.

Because social support boosts well-being, the Walkadoo website is full of ways to connect and share with others. Answer each day’s new Walkie Talkie, a fun question that gets everyone talking. Smile at other members’ achievements and congratulate them as they reach new step goals. Find friends and make new ones. Give and get support every day, and benefit from the encouragement of the Walkadoo community.

It’s fun.

Walkadoo uses game play to keep things fun and rewarding. You earn points for your steps and receive special stamps and achievements as you continue on your Walkadoo journey. A variety of step goals means

you’re always in the game, and you always earn some points, even if you don’t meet your goals. You can even join a derby, where you and up to five other racers compete to see who is the winner!

It’s easy to begin.

Use the free Walkadoo app for iOS and Android, or your own Fitbit, Garmin, or Misfit step tracker.